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FRCS Blitz Course - January 2023

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Hi all. Welcome to the January blitz course online forum.

So excited for the course. In preparation I have set up this forum where we can add cases of interest, FRCS cases, any questions we have, new guidelines and also setting up revision meets or meeting other study buddies.

To start with I want you each to introduce yourselves with a pic, brief sentence about yourself and something of interest and what you hope to get out of the course.

I'll break the ice-

I'm Rishi- I've been teaching FRCS for the last 6 years and it's given me an opportunity to meet fantastic people like yourselves in all parts of the planet. I love learning from my students and pushing each other to achieve our very best and I'm looking

forward to a great course- working hard, good banter and watching you all grow!

Interesting fact: I like adrenaline sports and my weakness is bubble tea!

Exam tip: basic science is 50% of the syllabus and you can bring it into any station. There is only a right and wrong answer so unlike the trauma or adult pathology where you can get into an argument about a case- basic science is actually quite easy to score 7s and 8s- don't fear it - embrace it!



The forum for the January Blitz course 2023 to get you ready...


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