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Course Introductions

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Whether you prefer to study in your own time, or love to learn in a live teaching environment,

Let's Talk Dr has got it covered. We offer a wide range of live, on-demand and online courses designed to cover all aspects of the FRCS & Orthopaedic examinations.

Find out more and explore the options below.

FRCS Syllabus Course

Students always say to me (Dr Rishi) that the FRCS orthopaedics syllabus is so vast - where do I start. This course is your answer!


A series of 63 prerecorded lectures but all FRCS focused delivered by Dr Rishi and international reputed surgeons and educators it covers the entire syllabus and also gives you access to seminal papers, questions and can be thought of as the perfect 1-stop shop for the knowledge part of the exam. 

Covers: FRCS Exam (Part 1)


Type: On-Demand


Additional Inclusions: Access to Online Forum, Group Chat & Course Materials 

FRCS Blitz Course

A live hybrid course that is run three times a year. Rated as the “perfect finishing course for part 2 and a must-attend” it covers all the VIVA and clinical questions with model answers, live grilling, a pre and post course mentor group and forum with personalised coaching and voice notes from Dr Rishi. Pass rates for the UK and international blitz attendees are over 95%.

Covers: FRCS Exam (Part 2) 


Type: Hybrid (Join In-peron or Online)

Dates: January, May & September


Additional Inclusions: Access to Online Forum, Group Chat &  Additional Course Materials

Mock VIVA &
Clinical Courses

A mock run through under exam conditions with more practice than any other mock exam course, closely simulating the real exam and brilliant bespoke feedback from a range of top faculty including a second day to go through all the questions. This is for students within a few weeks of the final exam. 

Covers: Mock VIVA & Clinical Stations 


Type: Hybrid (In-person & Online)

Date: October


Additional Inclusions: Access to Online Forum, Group Chat & Additional Course Materials

FRCS On-Demand

 A series of bite-sized revision videos with all the buzz words you need to cover the entire FRCS Orthopaedic syllabus. A must for the FRCS exam for both part 1 and 2.  

Covers: Trauma, Basic Science, Hands & Paediatrics & Adult Pathology.


Type: On-Demand


Additional Inclusions: Access to Online Forum

FRCS Tips & Tricks

Access I always tell my students that oral exams in particular are 80% technique and 20% knowledge and this is something that my international students in particular have struggled with. Using unique techniques learned from my time in media and wealth of teaching experience this prerecorded course will give you a unique insight and tips to overcome any difficulties with the oral exam

Type: On-Demand


Covers: Tips & Tricks for FRCS Exam


Additional Inclusions: Access to Online Forum

Basic Science in Practice

Delivered in a hybrid format (online or face to face) this is rated as the best basic science course and most realistic for the exam. It takes every basic science concept and turns it into a clinical case as it is examined. Also includes six months access to the basic science on demand videos. 

Type: Live online and face to face group discussion 


Start Date: September

Covers: All basic science concepts broken down into clinical scenarios


Additional Inclusions: 6 month access to basic science on demand videos  and access to online forum

SHO Orthopaedic
Blitz Course

Type: Live Online (and recorded to revise after the course) 

Start Date: February

Duration: 2 days

Covers: Everything the orthopaedic SHO needs to know and full preparation for the ST3 interviews


Additional Inclusions: Pre-course materials, post course video recordings and access to online forum

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