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ST3 & SHO Blitz Course

Our ST3 Preparation & SHO Interview Blitz Course covers everything the Orthopaedic SHO needs to know as well as full preparation for the ST3 interviews. It is the number one course for SHOs of all levels who are interested in orthopaedics and also for those preparing for ST3 interviews. 

Purchase an individual course or one of our plans for discounted pricing when opting for more than one course.


SHO Course Testimonials

I attended the ST3 prep course (SHO Blitz course) - which covers most areas which I will encounter on the interview. Great value for money course which runs over 2 days, Mr Dhir is extremely knowledgable and able to transfer his knowledge and communication skills to his students. Always approachable and keen to help with any weaknesses or areas of struggle. I have managed to secure my Orthopaedics ST3 number thanks to this amazing course!! Thanks so much Mr Dhir.

Marios Ghobrial   |   Orthopaedic ST3

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