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Let's Talk
Bespoke Orthopaedic teaching services
for oral examinations

Using buzz words, key concepts, innovative methods and expert articulation -
a so called personal training of the mind...


Dr Rishi offers a range of unique and wide-ranging services to suit the individual, small and large-group learner
with the emphasis on quality and attaining top results.


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Surgery, Space, Singing and Politics…. four completely diverse and unrelated arenas but when woven together have made me the person and teacher that I am today.

What makes me tick?

Teaching is a unique art and each student, with their own individual needs, strengths and weaknesses, presents a unique challenge. The greatest excitement I get is taking on the challenge of new students every day, adapting my teaching style to suit their needs. My aim is to help them grow, take on challenges no matter how difficult they may be and realise their potential to produce great results. Above all my motto is ‘there is no such word as impossible’.

Where did I train?

Training in Edinburgh as a doctor, university afforded me some fantastic experiences such as working for the European and Russian Space Agencies, winning three competitions to put the first student experiment in space (2002-4) and affording me the opportunity to present in an international environment, a frightening experience being chucked in the so-called ‘deep end’ but which gave me early confidence in public speaking.

I started my basic surgical training and higher orthopaedic training on the Royal London rotation, Whitechapel (2006-17) completing this in October 2017 and am currently working in Melbourne, Australia, developing international teaching links and undertaking a fellowship in shoulder and elbow surgery.

What are my interests?

I’ve always maintained a long-term interest in singing and music production, performing professionally individually and in gospel choirs at venues such as the O2, Wembley stadium, the Royal Albert Hall and Royal Tattoo. Music is the so-called spiritual food to my soul and helps me to relax.

However, it was really with politics that I found my calling and when the junior doctor contract dispute of 2015 hit numerous doctors, I became a spokesman performing numerous political interviews on BBC, Sky News, Channel five news amongst others. The high-pressure environment, the need to deliver ‘headline phrases’ in a fluent, confident manner and defend your position appealed to me. 

Bringing it all together?

Above all, I’ve always found teaching to be both interesting and fascinating; a real skill to be able to simplify concepts and nurture them in others, particularly in oral exams where I felt there was a real gap. It hit me that music, politics, interviews…all these things I love and have grown up with…provide transferrable skills to bring to an oral exam (which is really - A JOB INTERVIEW!) and that was the inspiration for my LET’S TALK series.


Certificate Completion of training (CCT) Royal London rotation orthopaedics 2017

FRCS (Orthopaedics) Royal College of Surgeons England 2016

MRCS Royal College of Surgeons England 2010

MBChB (primary medical degree) Edinburgh University 2006

BSc hons neurosciences (first class) Edinburgh University 2002


Editor of ‘orthopaedics fractures and trauma’ In: Hamilton Bailey’s Guide to orthopaedics 2017

Author of ‘Nerve Injuries’ chapter in ‘ABC guide to orthopaedics’, 2017

Course convenor of ‘How to pass the FRCS, ORUK 2017

Course convenor of Royal London trauma VIVA course, 2017

Faculty on Royal London trauma VIVA course, 2016-17

Faculty on Queens clinical examinations course, 2017

Faculty on Oswestry FRCS clinical and VIVA course, 2017

Faculty on Wrightington FRCS basic sciences and upper limb course, 2017

Faculty on lower limb FRCS course, ORUK, 2017

Faculty on FRCS Paediatrics course, Southampton, 2017

Faculty on MRCS examinations course OSCE part B, Royal College of surgeons 2017

Faculty on MRCS OSCE part B course, RSM 2017

Final year OSCE examiner (for medical students), Barts university 2014-15

Author of ‘compartment pressure monitoring’ book chapter, 2014-15

UKITE examiner (setting questions), 2014

Lecturer Barts medical school 2010 - 2015

Set up and ran Surgical teachers MRCS course at Mayday hospital, Croydon, 2011-13

Anatomy demonstrator at Imperial College and St Georges University, 2009-10

Surgical tutor for Imperial College, 2010

Teaching partnership with Stamford school for A level students, 2010-17


The quality of results is unrivalled (with an unblemished pass rate amongst students). Don't just take my word!
See these written and video testimonials from trainees, staff surgeons and consultants.

Anand Patel
ST8 Orthopaedic Registrar

"This is an excellent course... Rishi does a fantastic job of teaching you the broad principles...good structure and how to apply pre existing knowledge"

Amit Priyadarshi
Orthopaedic Staff Grade Surgeon

"I really like the way he simplifies things into key buzzwords that the examiner wants... everyone should try sessions with Rishi"

Toby Baring
Orthopaedic Surgeon

"He is able to deliver a unique brand of teaching with clear, crisp, directed answers making the whole exam considerably easier and less stressful"

Ogo Oghofori 
ST8 Orthopaedic Registrar

"I've found Rishi's teaching and way of stratifying the key points to be very useful... I would highly recommend him"

Mukai Chimutengwende-Gordon
ST8 Orthopaedic Registrar

"I found him an excellent teacher and very supportive"


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£ 395 Each (Max 10 Students)
Attend designated city venue with food and full course notes provided and a day being taught by Dr Rishi Dhir
  • Silver Package: Bespoke course at venue of your choice where Dr Rishi will come to you (includes travel costs, full course notes and venue): £3000 per day (max of 10 students) or £5000 for full weekend
  • Gold package: Bespoke course (silver package) plus extra VIVA examiners (consultant examiners with excellent teaching experience provided by Dr Rishi): £500 per day for additional staff member or £1000 per weekend per additional staff member.


£ 180.68 Series
Full subscription for all topic area (Basic Sciences, Hands, Paeds, Trauma, Adult Pathology etc)
  • Syllabus area (Basic Science / Hands and Paeds / Adult Pathology / Trauma). 


£ 75 per 3hr class
Minimum 10 people
  • This gives you the chance to login remotely from anywhere in the word and enjoy the class.


£ 60 Per Hour
Unlimited users
  • £80 per hr (two students); higher numbers (negotiable rates).


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