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Let's Talk Dr

MRCS Revision Courses

Let's Talk Dr offers wide range of live, on-demand and online courses designed to cover all aspects of the MRCS Exam.


 You can find a short introduction to each course below.

MRCS Part A Course Introduction: 


Our newest course currently running is a 14 week live course (with all sessions recorded so you can watch in your own time and join at any time) covering the entire MRCS syllabus including anatomy, physiology, pathology and clinical conditions with access to bespoke reading resources including notes for all the syllabus, practice questions and a WhatsApp mentor group where Dr Rishi personally mentors candidates. Think of it as a one stop shop for the part 1 exam. 

Our Part A course is also now available pre-recorded and on-demand with unlimited access anywhere, anytime.


MRCS Part B Course Introduction:


A 3 day virtual live scan with all the stations covering the part 2 exam. It’s time to put all those principles into practice with great tutors showing you exactly how to score highly in the exam. 

Learn more by clicking on your chosen course, to view full details below.

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