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Aug 8, 2024 - Jan 23, 2025

Part 1: ST3 6 Month Preparation Course - August 2024

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Course Overview

The ultimate preparation for the ST3 Trauma and Orthopaedic Interview. In its third year, the course has received rave reviews as the no.1 Orthopaedic ST3 interview course and now consists of two parts: Part 1: 6-month Preparation Course 6 monthly course with sessions delivered fortnightly preparing you for different facets of the interview including clinical knowledge and scenarios, orthopaedic anatomy, how to prepare your application form (including personalised review and guidance on your application), communication and portfolio (how to build it and answer questions). *Tentative dates 8th August 2024 - 23rd January 2025. Part 2: 2-day SHO Blitz Course Completely interview focused running through every case with model answers and extensive practice including clinical, portfolio, communication, and prioritisation. Also includes a mock interview following the course under exam conditions with scoring and personalised feedback and access to the whatsapp mentor group with folder of course materials including voice notes. Dr Rishi also will provide personalised feedback and coaching on every answer to give you the most comprehensive bespoke mentorship and best chance of success in the exam. *Tentative dates 8th - 9th February 2025. Faculty: Dr Rishi and external examiners (for mock interview) What makes this so unique? No other course gives you a more personalised bespoke experience with better success rates, with 27/33 course attendees achieving ST3 numbers in the last year. The course also continues to provide personalised mentorship on all your answers all the way to the interview day following the course, ensuring you go in with the best possible preparation. Purchasing Options: Part 1: £250 Part 2: £350 Full Package: £500


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