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Mock VIVA & Clinical Observer - Oct 2023

Oct 11, 2023 - Oct 12, 2023

Course Overview

This face to face course is aimed at those taking part 2 FRCS (Orth) exam (UK or international) and specialises entirely in mock VIVA and clinical stations. It is ideal for those coming up to the exam as a ‘dry run’ to simulate the real exam. What makes this course so special? As a candidate doing the exam many years ago, I wanted to answer as many questions as possible with a real emphasis on exam scoring and quality feedback and this course doesn’t disappoint. We will have a full day of practise mocks at a London venue (tbc) covering all exam stations: basic science, hands and paeds, adult pathology, trauma, and short and intermediate upper and lower limb clinical cases. The unique part of this course is a fantastic faculty, trained in examining with the emphasis on quality feedback which for me is so important as you can only learn through feedback. On this front, I will also be taking feedback from the examiners to produce a structured report on each candidate at the end of the course, giving that bespoke personalised experience. There are 2 examiners per station with 2 candidates leading to a 1:1 ratio giving you the best possible experience. As a bonus day 2 of the course will be a run through of all questions and model answers with Dr Rishi making sure you have a great grasp and feedback of all stations to revise for the real exam. We also record all your VIVAs to give you amazing personalised feedback. Pass Type: Observation Only


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