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Aug 10, 2024 - Aug 14, 2024

FRCS UK Blitz Course - August 2024

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Course Overview

This ground-breaking course is the ultimate finishing course for part 2 of the FRCS Trauma and Orthopaedic exam. With pass rates of 95% (for trainees and non-trainees) and amazing candidate feedback it is unrivalled internationally. Who is it aimed at? The course is ideal for candidates who have completed the first part (MCQs) of the exam and are aiming for the VIVAs and clinicals. What makes it so special? It is so exam-focused running through model answers of all the common VIVA and clinical scenarios with techniques to tackle unknown scenarios. Delivered by Dr Rishi, candidates are uniquely and personally mentored all the way to the exam and all sessions are recorded for revision. You really cannot miss it! When & Where? 10th & 11th August all day face to face (London Venue TBC) also with virtual options. 12th & 14th August from 6:30pm (Virtual) Timetable: Day 1: Paeds, Hands & Adult Pathology (hybrid facilities- face to face or online all day) Day 2: Basic Science, Trauma & Short Cases (hybrid facilities- face to face or online all day) Day 3: Short Cases (Online evening) Day 4: Intermediate Cases (Online evening)



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