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Feb 3, 2024 - Feb 4, 2024

SHO Orthopaedic Blitz Course - February 2024

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Course Overview

This 2-day online course covers everything the Orthopaedic SHO needs to know and full preparation for the ST3 interviews including: - Orthopaedic Emergencies - Basic Fracture Principles - Difficult Scenarios - Portfolio Principles - Prioritisation & Mock Interview Practice.  Additional benefits of the SHO Orthopaedic Blitz Course include: - Access to pre-course materials and post course video recordings - WhatsApp mentor group with pre and post course support all the way up to the interview - Zoom sessions before the course to prepare you - Individualised feedback on performance and application form - Mock interview post course as a trial run in exam conditions Who is this course for? SHOs of all levels interested in orthopaedics and those preparing for ST3 interviews also.  When is it taking place? 3rd-4th February 2024 Where is it taking place? Online.



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